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This is a MUST for a Nexstar owner.  You must be a 'member' so take the time to join.  There are currently well over 3000 members.  

 Home Page

Another MUST for NexStar users.  Mike Swanson writes the NSOL software (free on his site) and is publishing a book for NexStar users.  


Anacortes Telescope
This link has been removed.  I have placed 3 orders - 2 of them have been messed up. E-mail me if you need  more info.

Dale Mais Website
Specializing in CCD Imaging / Spectroscopy
This stuff is way over my head but Dale's my brother in law and has been a huge help to me.

ORION Telescopes and Binoculars.

I've bought numerous accessories here.  Great service!