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Real N8i Visual Images

I bet you thought that you would find a page of images that I have taken with my modified web cam or my Nikon Cool Pix camera or my Astrovid camera.  Sorry to disappoint you but I haven't tried any imaging - YET!

What I do is search the web for images that best represent what I have seen visually through my Nexstar 8i.  These images may not be real impressive, but they might give others a realistic idea of what they can expect to see.  If you want to see 'Hubble-quality' images, this is not the place.  One of the nicest compilation of images can be found here:

M27 - Dumbell
LPR Filter
M57 - Ring Nebula
LPR Filter
M1 - Crab Nebula
Actually looked better
Best Globular
M104 - Sombrero Gxy
This is pretty accurate


M51 - Whirlpool Gxy
At zenith - pretty accurate
M81 and M82
Both in 32mm eyepiece
Dble Cluster - Perseus
Barely fits in 32mmeyepiece
M11 - Wild Duck Cluster M35
Nice winter open cluster


Near Anteres - not impressive
Nice cluster near Hercules
The best in the sky!
ET Cluster
Yes, it looks like E.T. !!
M31 Andromeda Gxy


Eskimo Nebula
I learned about averted vision
Albireo - Scout Double
copyright 1997-2003 by Jeffrey A.MacQuarrie - Great Color!
NGC6826 Blinking Planetary
Now you see it - now you don't!
Pretty easy to see
NGC7662 - Blue Snowball
This is a little more color than I could see - but close


NGC6309 - Box nebula
2 PLN combine to form a box

M17 - Omega/Swan Nebula
 Might look better with a filter

M16 - Eagle Nebula
Maybe could see some nebula
No eagle!

M76 - Little Dumbell
Not quite this bright - Bigger than I imagined

NGC7009 - Saturn Nebula
Very close to what I see






Double-Double in Lyrae - Near Vega
With 9mm eyepiece on a good night - easily see both double stars.  Also companion 10.5 mag forms triangle.  Good optics test.







YES - you can find better images.  I might even be able, at some point, to take better images.  But these are pretty close to the visual impression that these objects present through the 8 inch SCT.  More to come...