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Updated 12-2-2006
    (Scroll down for more pictures and links)

I would love to re-live yesteryear by putting together a station like I had back in 1970.  That station consisted of a Globe Scout and a National NC-173 receiver.  I bought the Globe Scout from my neighbor, Tom / WB9DFR after his parents put the kabosh on his Novice activity if it was going to include putting up outside antennas.  I can't remember where I picked up the NC-173 but what a nice Novice receiver.  General Coverage with calibrated bandspread for all bands except 15 meters,  I made a lot of contacts with that rig!

Later, I owned and used a Hammarlund HQ-170 as a receiver next to my HW-100 that I had acquired from Alan / WB9BQB.  I loved the sound and feel of the HQ-170.  I had it all setup to run QSK.  What a great receiver!.

Fast forward to present day...  Thanks to eBay, you can browse and bid for the vintage gear that you want.  That is - until WB6ACU, the rich-and-famous rock-and-roll guitar player Joe Walsh, wants to bid against you ;-)

Anyway. I have been able to acquire a few new/old toys and actually put them on the air.  I found a  a Knight T-60 that I picked up at the Indianapolis Hamfest.  I got the Heath VF-1 VFO hooked to it and it works pretty well. 

I acquired a Heathkit HD-10 keyer on ebay.  It works fine, but...  the paddle assembly is a little sloppy so I apologize for some 'less-than-perfect CW when I'm using it.   Click Here for a funny HD-10 'up in smoke' story.

At the Findlay Ohio Hamfest in September 2004 I managed to acquire a nice Knight T-150 AM/CW transmitter.  This is the 'big-brother' to the T-60.  It has a pair of 6146 finals and a built-in VFO.  It only took 4 blown fuses before I tracked down the shorted electrolytics.  All capacitor replacements and mods were made under the chassis with the defective 2 section can left in place for cosmetics. 

In March 2005 I acquired a Hammarlund HQ-170A in a great deal on ebay.  The receiver worked pretty well but needed some cosmetic cleanup and polish work.  It cleaned up real well and has been put into service.  What a great sound and how nice is that big Vernier Tuning dial!  I was fooled by the clock - it is NOT the original Telechron but rather a modern battery operated quartz clock that looks OK.

In early 2006 I found a great deal on a Heath Apache (Model TX-1) transmitter.  This is quite different than the light, inexpensive Knight transmitters.  I believe the official shipping weight of the Apache is 107 pounds - I don't doubt it.  We drove to Detroit to pick it up because shipping is difficult, expensive, and risky.  This is a plate modulated AM and CW transmitter.  The audio is a little 'thin' and it is affectionately know as the "scratchy Apache."  It is a beautiful looking transmitter with a very complicated series of levers and switches to do band-switching.

In September '06 a former co-worker (KB9GVH) dropped of a Hallicrafters SX-100 that appears to be in good shape.  Just dirty and dusty.  Another winter project.

These old rigs present a challenge for electronic keyers so I use and recommend  a Keyall HV keying adaptor from Jackson Harbor Press. 

I have acquired a 2 Globe Scouts and will be working on them during the winter months.  Till then, I will be switching different transmitters and receivers in and out.  Yes, maybe a little soft, chirpy, wobbly, drifty, clicky, etc - but also lots of fun.  The process of hearing a CQ, spotting the VFO,  tuning the transmitter, and answering before the CQ station answers another call or QSYs to another frequency is a real challenge from yesteryear.

Current Vintage Station
Heathkit TX-1 Apache 100w CW/Plate Modulated AM,
MFJ949D Tuner, Hammarlund HQ170A Rx, Japanese 'Coffin Bug' by High Mound,
 MFJ/Bencher Keyer Paddle
 Click Here for Hi Res.

WN9DLC in 1970
I only made a few contacts with that hideous
S-38D Hallicrafters receiver.  I've never wanted to own Hallicrafters since!  I know that's unfair to Hallicrafters.  I heard they also made some good receivers.

Vibroplex SN 149770
Manufactured in 1946.  Very different from using a paddle and keyer.
Click Here for Larger Image




Japanese Bug
Picked up at Dayton 2005 for $7.00
Early 60's - Made by High Mound
Bakelite base with plastic dust cover.
Works very well!  Click here for more

Hard to Find Connector
I bought a large selection of these.  They are can be used to plug a VFO into a crystal socket.  Contact me if you need a couple.

VFO Adaptor
If you  can't find the small, flat, twinlead type connectors, a NON-HAM-FREQUENCY crystal can be used to become an adaptor


T/R Switch 1
Homebrew - Switches antenna and provides a couple of isolated 12 volt relay contacts to mute receiver and enable transmitter. 

T/R Switch 2
Has locking switch on front panel with 'On Air' LED.  Also provides connection for footswitch for fast, hands-free PTT operation.

T/R Switch 3
Built into junk modem box picked up for $1.  Had on/off sw., fuse-holder, LED., etc.
Replaces B&W 381 TR Switch.

Globe Scout Project
Some Cobbled-up wiring and mods but this Scout can be saved.  Fortunately, I have a complete manual/assembly guide.

Scout Tank Circuit
Somewhat cobbled-up tank circuit.  Not sure what someone was trying to do.

Scout Chassis
These were available factory wired or as a kit.  Mine was a kit.  Soldering was not to factory standards.

[Keyall circuit board picture - click for larger view of board ]

Cathode keying got you down?  Get a Keyall Kit to key that High Voltage without destroying your keyer.  Jackson Harbor Kits 

I built it into the Altoids Tin so that I can open the lid and let it cool down when I am running fast CW.  (No, I'm not serious)

MOSFETS, Photo-Isolator, board, small parts.  Just add batteries and connectors.


Knight T-150
Picked this up at Findlay Hamfest
Very nice - 1st QSO - F3VT on 40m CW
Click Here for Larger Image

  Heath HD-10 Keyer
This was pretty grungy when i got it.  Could use some more cleaning.  Pretty sloppy compared to a Bencher Paddle but, it is VINTAGE - HI HI
(Currently used as a 'backup keyer')
Funny HD-10 'up in smoke' story
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