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I got into amateur radio via the SWL (shortwave listener) route in the late 60ís. What an interesting time for a SWL - many high power broadcast stations around the world transmitting their versions of what was going on in the world.  I grew up in South Bend, Indiana about 1 mile from The University of Notre Dame.

I was first licensed in 1970 as WN9DLC and did most of my Novice work with a Globe Scout 680A and a National NC173 Receiver.

I have typically been very active except for an 8 year QRT from about 1996 till December of 2003.  This included running RTTY with a Model 15 Teletype machine and an Electrocom FSC-250 converter made by South Bend native Burt Jaffe - W9BJ(sk).  In 1980 I interfaced a Commodore Pet Computer for RTTY - one of the first computer based RTTY setups.  I Operated a lot of Packet before the nationwide packet network was somewhat obsoleted by the internet.  Since December 2003 Iím active on HF and 2 meters again and having a blast.  At the present time I operate mostly CW at both QRO and QRP levels.  I also operate some FT-8 and PSK31 and occasionally some SSB.

For a period of time I was doing a lot with vintage gear and had a good time with that.  I have a small collection of vintage gear but I need to pass it on to others who can enjoy it.

I am having fun with some QRP rigs (see the QRP Page ).  The most fun is to operate portable in a park, or even just out on my deck during the summer.

The current main rig is a Ten Tec Omni VII.  A great rig.  Getting a little old, now.  I have started thinking about what the next rig might be.    Click here for station picture.

More to life than Ham Radio...

Another main hobby is amateur astronomy. I have a Celestron Nexstar 8i computer controlled telescope. My telescope setup is fairly portable and I enjoy taking it to truly dark sites. Click Here  at any time to go to my Astronomy pages.

Iíve been married to my wonderful wife Carol since 1975 and have 2 grown sons, and 2 wonderful daughter-in-laws, and a grandson and 2 granddaughters that I am lucky to spend a lot of time with.


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