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Why Ham radio??

I have struggled to explain what it is that first attracted me to ham radio and has held my fascination for over 40 years.  Then I stumbled upon the best explanation on the website of a very good friend on mine.  Since I cannot say it any better, I am reprinting it here:

A friend asked "What is it about Ham Radio that fascinates you?"

I thought for a second or two and then replied "There's something about assembling your own station - your own "pile of stuff" that you lovingly build or connect together, antennas that you install, string up or whatever. You take your personal collection of equipment, antennas and wires and through the magic of invisible magnetic and electrical waves traveling through space, you somehow connect with another human being, often thousands of miles away -- a kindred spirit, who has also assembled his own personal "pile of stuff." There is a shared joy in the accomplishment that is unmatchable by any other hobby."

Yes, today it is possible to connect around the world via the internet. Live TV from the other side of the world is common, but there is something about radio waves traveling through the ether, with no hard-wired connection that is simple, pure magic.

I felt that magic over 40 years ago and it has never left me.

Tom Frisz - N9DD  ( N9DD Website )