WB9DLC      Tower and Quad Project


Antenna Selected - Lightning Bolt 2 element - 5 band quad
* I have previous positive experience with HyGain HyQuad
* Price - $370 shipped to me - Very affordable compared to yagis
* 5 band coverage
* Light weight (35lbs) - low wind load (6 sq. ft.) - short boom (8 ft.)
* Good gain (7db) and good F/B and F/S ratio
* Low RX noise
* Works good at lower heights than yagis
* Low angle of radiation
* Single feedline for all 5 bands
* Great reviews on eHam.net  - Click HERE
* Quads look cool

Tower selected - Rohn design HDBX series 48' freestanding
* Very familiar with this style tower from previous experience in CATV business (20+ installs)
* Competitive pricing  ($800 approx.)
* Was able to pickup from dealer at Indy Hamfest ($200 saving on shipping)
* 18 sq. ft. wind load

Rotor selected - Alliance HD-73
* Had this rotor already
* New rotors cost too much


Son Geoff starts dig - very hot August day. Lots of dirt to haul away.  Bought trailer in lieu of wheelbarrow. At end of day - 4.5 cubic yards removed.  Hole is now 5ft x 5ft x 4.5ft deep.
Build forms for concrete and support tower and legs so legs are suspended in hole.  Adjust forms for rain runoff.  Shim tower support for perfect tower level. Check level at least 30 times!  Not pictured is rebar cage made of  16 48" rebar rods with none touching any part of tower or legs. Concrete delivery - 4.5 cu. yards  fills hole.  Make sure tower stays perfectly level!  Trowel smoothe.   Concrete sets 4 days.
My method:  2 workers / 2 climbing belts / no Gin Pole.  Haul section up with rope.  2 man lift and set section.  Bolt.  Very fast assembly. Last section bolted on.  Install rotor then insert preassembled 10' mast with VHF omni antenna.  Run coax and rotor cable down tower.  Wait for Quad to arrive.
Assemble spreaders - Measure/cut wire - Feed  through wire guides.  Tension wires for 12" bow in spreaders. Mount Boom/Mast plate.  Mount boom.  Position boom to 1 side.  Ready for 1st element. Haul elements up tower with rope attached to spreader hub.  Insert into proper end of boom.  Bolt.  Slide boom to other end and repeat for 2nd element.
Slide boom back to center and rotate boom to level elements.  Check all nuts, bolts, clamps.  Secure coax feedline on last trip down tower. Route all cables to shack.  Connect and test. What a beautiful sight!