WB9DLC      Island Keyer II



The Island Keyer II is a memory keyer kit available from Jackson Harbor Press.  It is a full featured memory keyer with numerous options.  It can use external speed, weight, and frequency adjust.  I am just using the external pot speed adjust.  Click on the link above for more info.  Check out the great reviews on eHam.net.

I found one on Ebay that someone had assembled and put into a small enclosure with the six push-buttons mounted neatly on the top.  Problem was that the builder powered it with a 9v. battery and one or both of the chips must have been damaged.  A email to Chuck at Jackson Harbor Press had a new pair of chips on the way.  The new chips fixed the problem and it is now safely powered by a pair of AA batteries.

If you're thinking about an inexpensive memory keyer, this is a simple build.  Once you figure out how to switch memory banks and program the keyer options and individual memories, it is simple to operate and does a great job.

 - 06/12/2014 -
Just learned that this kit may be SOLD OUT.  Check the
Jackson Harbor Press website for more details