WB9DLC      Autek WM-1 Wattmeter


So, what's the big deal about a wattmeter?  Well this one shows you what you want - all of the time.  It is called a 'computing wattmeter' because it displays your SWR on one meter all of the time.  No forward set and then switch back to read the SWR.  The SWR reading is much like the SWR indicator in your rig.  No cross-needles to read (though I have a tuner with cross needles and that isn't bad).  The right side meter displays your output power - all of the time.

It is an active device so, it does require a 12v supply and needs to be 'on' to operate.  The latest models of this meter have backlit meters.  It has 3 scales : 20w, 200w, and 2kw.  The meter is at center scale for 5, 50, and 500w.  The 'Peak' power setting holds at peak power with a slow decay.  It appears to be an accurate display of both SSB and CW peaks.  The 'Average' setting has very quick response.

These have been on the market for a long time.  They are still available from Autek Research.